Ad Operations Manager

Work Type: Full Time

JOB TITLE : Ad Operations Manager

Knowledge & Skills Required:

● Knowledge of Programmatic (in-depth SSP knowledge is preferable)

● 5+ years of Digital experience is a must

● Excellent oral and written communication skills including extensive client-facing / public presentations


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

● Take ownership of all the live / future and paused campaigns.

● Manage issues and time for overall Account Management, creative, and adops.

● Take ownership of maintaining margins on all campaigns as discussed with Management

● Share campaign learnings for every campaign with clients

● Improve existing reporting structure

● Ownership of forming new partnerships on supply-side in coordination with Management and Sales teams

● Ownership of Programmatic Setup and creating a team for Publisher Management

● Constant contact with existing partners to manage expectations as well as understand new offerings and

product updates.

● Make sure SOP is constantly evolving and being followed.

● Coordinate with external AM for reactive proposals and follow-ups.

● Lead proactive pitches with the help of Sales.

● Keep Media kit and other marketing materials up to date.

● Create and improvise on-site list, existing/new decks, and templates.

● New process setup and documentation.

● Bring in new partners to buy inventory from as and when needed.

● Empower sales by providing them updates of our current capabilities on what to sell and what not to.

● Manage and best instruct AM / Operations team in campaign setups and executions.

● Providing overall available inventory updates on a monthly basis.

● Take part in client meetings along with sales as and when needed.

● Weekly summary every start of the week for the previous week (incoming bookings, proposals, and live


● Perform weekly / monthly upsells and cross-sells.

● Coordinate with Billing and Finance.

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